DTU Compute, Richard Petersens Plads, Kgs. Lyngby

Big Data•DTU

Center for Data Science and Engineering

Big Data•DTU is designed to boost research and education within the field of Big Data.

Gathering and coordinating existing and planned activities in Big Data•DTU, we will deal with efforts in research, research infrastructure, education and training, innovation and policy influence and funding.

Data Science projects

Visibility and funding

Training activities

Efteruddannelse i Big Data på DTU - Her kan du få et overblik over de muligheder, der er for at efteruddanne sig indenfor Big Data på DTU

Fem hurtige til professoren: Hvad skal vi med Big Data?

Big Data & infrastructure services

BDV big data value association

Adam Lebech, Industry Director, DI Digital:

"Big Data holds huge perspectives for society. Using large data volumes will enable us able to map, e.g., behaviour patterns down to the smallest detail. It will provide us with important knowledge about food, which researchers, businesses, and the authorities can use in their day-to-day work. IT companies play a central role as suppliers in this context.”

Professor Jan Madsen, Deputy Head of Department at DTU Compute:

"By establishing this centre, we hope to deploy research into Big Data at DTU and to help develop and maintain a strong selection of courses in the area. The intention is to equip future students to better employ and develop new Big Data tools such as sensors, analysis models, and visualizations that will benefit not only the food industry, but also other sectors such as transport and energy”